Our vision is to offer wines that reflect the land that we are cultivating and to allow them to express itself in its most pure and authentic way. We do have three different label designs that reflect and express the character of the fruit harvested. Shaping wines without understanding the talent of the grapes going into it is like running a race without knowing the finish line. From the beginning, our goal was to grow our own fruit in order to put the extra care and attention into every single vine. We reached this milestone in 2018 after we planted one vineyard in 2014 and the other vineyard in 2016 on our 20 acre piece of land. Being now able to offer you all of our wines grown on our Estate Vineyard from the vintage 2018 forward is simply humbling and very exiting.

Sonero (A lead singer who is gifted in the art of improvising lyrics in salsa music)

The wines under our Sonero label are light, refreshing, and wonderfully suited for basically any occasions where the wine does not necessarily have to be in the spot-light but serious enough to ask for inclusion without demanding undivided attention.

We have two different wines under Sonero label - Sonero Riesling and Sonero Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Sonero Riesling -  This wine is made mainly from juice, pressed out of the grapes at the end of its press cycle. That juice has naturally lower acidity, a softer taste profile and is rich in flavor. The resulting wine is very well suited for consumers that might have acid reflux or simply enjoy a Riesling with a lower acidity profile.

Sonero Rosé of Pinot Noir - In most growing seasons we offer this wine if the fruit is suited to provide for a ripe, flavorful yet refreshing Rosé. Only details will decide if that fruit would be used for the Rosé of Pinot Noir or for our red wine Pinot Noir.

Kemmeter (The Maiden name of my paternal grandmother)

The wines under our Kemmeter label reflect the best possible character, personality and uniqueness of any given growing season.

Our Kemmeter Label is home to most of the fruit we are growing. The wines under this label show freshness, structure and elegance and the ability to be cellard between 10 and 15 years.

Our Pinot Noir is a non vintage Pinot Noir and therefore rather unique. Every vintage is bringing strength and talent to the table. We combine the different talents of different growing seasons to build a “team” that performs stronger than its members alone. We trust that this wine will do well for 10 to 15 years in the bottle.

Sansan (The Chinese name of my wife Imelda)

Our SanSan Label is “reserved” for rare highlights of the best growing seasons. These Wines would hope to be the center of attention any time you would want them to be part of your day and express complexity and longevity beyond what we are able to grow and harvest in most seasons. We expect those wines to age well for up to two decades and in some cases even beyond that time.