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2022 Pinot Blanc

SanSan Pinot Blanc

SanSan Pinot Blanc

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750 mL

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Late May 2023
15 - 20 Years
Alcohol 12.6 %ABV
Residual Sugar 0.6 %
Clone 55
Vineyard Kemmeter Estate Vineyard, Established in 2014
How to enjoy Please use appropriate glassware. Depending on ambient temperature, serve the wine between 45 and 48 degree F. Please decant this wine a few hours before you plan to enjoy it. It will help to unfold its character and personality more prominently.
Food pairing This wine pairs well with delicate food such as scallops, shrimp, fish that are accompanied with some tangy and fresh sides such as ceviche, salsa, pickled onions. Please explore.....
What you might taste Medium gold in color, this wine unlike the more delicate vintage of 2021 is richer and riper in aroma and mouthfeel due to the good growing season 2022. Honey melon, pear and anise gives way to a silky texture, grapefruit and a "mineral edge" that ends with a dry finish.
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